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Rapid Lash

Being a brow technician I have had many a client where I have recommended using a brow serum to encourage hair growth. And some of you may be surprised to know they DO actually work. If there is a hair live hair follicle the growing serums will encourage those brows to grow through. Its not a quick fix, as I say to all my clients, you have to be applying these serums religiously, twice a day, morning, night and doing so for a good 2/3months before seeing actual results.

So if you know me, I have the shortest stumpiest eyelashes. I always am very jealous of a client who comes in with the longest lashes for a lift. Having tried previous serums and not kept up with the religious applications, after Christmas it was my challenge to stick to it.

Having had a lot of clients used Rapid Brow for their brow growth I wanted to give Rapid Lash a try. I bought Rapid Lash from Look Fantastic for £30 at the moment it is £40 in Boots . You can get a range of different serums at different prices. You have to be very careful buying them from Amazon. There are a lot of counterfeit products and I have had first hand experience of a client buying their Rapid Brow from there and it not working. So please buy from a reputable source if you want it to actually work!

I started in mid January, even though the box says to apply once a day, I applied every morning and night. It has taken up to March to see the real results The hair has to do a full cycle before starting to show true results which would be around 8weeks. and that is why I say persist.

Below is a photo of before and after my own lashes. You can see how thicker and longer they have come. I am so impressed with this product and will definitely be continuing to use it. If I have swayed anyone else to give this product a go I would love yo see your before an after images, whether it be lashes or brows. SHOW ME your photos.



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