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Here at Polished Beauty we love transforming brows, and we offer a variety of brow treatments to cater for all different brows and clients.

What are HD brows?

Loved by celebrities and beauty professionals, the HD brows movement has revolutionised the way eyebrows are treated.


Combining a variety of traditional methods of hair removal and colouring techniques, alongside a detailed consultation and precise aftercare advice, every High Definition brows treatment is absolutely exclusive to you.


By assessing face shape, skin tone and colouring;your stylist will create a bespoke brow to perfectly suit you and your personality.


How often will you need an HD brow treatment?

The length of time you leave your brows between treatments is down to you, the amount your hair grows back and how well your hair holds the colour. On average clients will return every 4 weeks to have their brows re-done.


Will you get results straight away?

Most people will achieve the perfect HD brow look immediatly, however sometimes it may take a few visits for your brows to be perfected.


Can you choose a shape?

YES. Brow shapes are tailored to the individual as they must suit your personality and face. Your brows could be light or dark, thick or thin, sharp or soft. Your input is important to deciding the best shape and look for you, and I will consider your look, hair growth, colouring and face when designing your brow.



The HD brow treatment at Polished Beauty is £30.

what is brow lightening?

brow lightening is a treatment that can tame unruly hairs, tone hairs a shade lighter to match in with the hairs on your head and get rid of grey hairs. The treatment is an additional £10 to the HD brow treatment.



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Before your treatment please ensure- you let your hair grow for 4 weeks- you MUST have a patch test 48hours before your treatment



My hybrid brows is a great treatment for anyone who wants the appearance of thicker or defined brows. 

The hybrid tint that I use is a step up from my normal HD brow tint. It creates a stain on the skin which is great for creating a fuller looking brow. It improves the density appearance and is especially great for people with sparse brows. 

The tint can create a nice crisp line which is great for people who like a defined brows aswell. 

Another benefit of this treatment it that the tint lasts abit longer than my HDbrow tint. The tint on the skin can last up to 7 days and can last upto 7 weeks on the hair.


The Hybrid brows at Polished beauty are combined all the techniques of an HD brow, brow mapping, waxing, threading and finishing. 



Before your treatment please ensure- you let your hair grow for 4 weeks- you MUST have a patch test 48hours before your treatment

brow lamination

The Fluffy Brow® aka Brow lamination Is an incredible treatment which can  be used for various reasons:

- It can hide a multitude of brow sins from bald patches to bad microblading

- It is there to create fashionable fluffed up brows

- Relax course wirey hairs

- Create the illusion of thicker, fuller brows

And the best part is it suits everyone!  

Brow lamination is a 3 step process which allows us to break down the bonds of the hair & re-set them to be more flexible in texture, meaning the brows can be styled into different shapes much easier than normal. 

The secret to Brow lamination is that we use the length of the brow hair (which would ordinarily be trimmed down during other treatments) and change its position to create a fuller, thicker, more textured brow.

In a nutshell , The fluffy brow® is a revolutionary treatment which takes your natural brow hair, allows us to reset the hairs into a style that creates the illusion of thicker and fuller brows, at Polished Beauty I finish the treatment with tinting, waxing and tailoring the brow, all the techniques used in HD Brows. 

The brow lamination lasts 6-8 weeks and ends when the cycle of the hair falls out.

You MUST have a patch test 48hours before your treatment

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