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Beauty tips: Why do I graze?

Sometimes during waxing you may graze. A graze or burn is where the top layer of your skin will rip off with the wax. It can be sore after and take a couple of days to heal. There are reasons as to why you skin may graze -

Anti-aging products, retinol and acne steroid creams make the skin more sensitive and more prone to grazing. You must make sure you are checking the ingredients of you skin care products. You must stop using these products 7-10days before your appointment.

The use of sunbeds can make your skin more sensitive to heat. The wax used for brows is hot therefore making yourself more susceptible to burns. You should avoid sunbeds 24hours before your waxing appointment.

Chemical peels and acids remove the top layers of your skin, making new and more fragile skin exposed. Waxing on skin that has had either of these done could cause grazing. You should not these treatments a week before your waxing.



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