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Do you ever wonder if you had difficult brow shapes what you could do? Here I have created some scenarios.

Where I erase this would be where hair is removed through waxing or tweezering.

When I use the pen, this could be make up or where microblading would be used.

These scenarios are an indication on what could be done, each persons brows are unique and tailored to their preference.

Hook Brow -

Hook brow shapes are common problems to those with brows of the 90’s. Hair is thin at the arches yet thick on the bulb, creating a tadpole look.

I have created 2 slightly different approaches on finish, a thicker and fuller look.

Thinner - on this example i have neatened up the top and then removed the hair from the bottom of the bulb , where it is at its thickest, so it aligns it with the arch. On this example i have taken a few hairs from the tail so that the brow doesn't droop lower than the bulb pulling the face down. Depending how thin the existing arch is of hair makeup/microblading could be added.

Thicker/fuller - filling under the arch with makeup/microblading. Pending how thick the bulb is some of the hair could be removed.



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