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Beauty tips: Growth serums, do they work?

Yes is the short answer!

There are many serums on the market these days that claim to make your eyebrows grow. Its always a worry when spending the money and time to find out that they don't work and you have wasted your time and money.

So let me tell you a bit about them, how they work and if they will work for you.

Growth serums contain lots of vitamins that are there to help strengthen and moisturise the hair and skin.

If there is hair there to grow, the serums helps to strength the hair so that it can grow stronger longer and last longer. What people can get mistaken with, is that it will not grow new hair. If the hair follicle is dead it will not grow new hair.

So assess or get someone else to have a look and see if there is hair there to help.

When using hair growth serums, its not an instant result. The hair has to grow through a cycle for it to start working, which can be 6weeks before you may start to see results. Along side waiting, its not just going to come to you, you MUST religiously being applying these serums everyday as per the instructions. So be patient.

From my personal experience through using them and the many clients I see, Rapidbrow has amazing results. There are many other brands on the market.



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