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Million Dollar training

I wanted to share with you all my training with Million Dollar Facials and my skincare journey.

Skin care within the world has become so important and focused on within in the last few years.Everyone is looking for that perfect glowing skin, there are so many products on sale and treatments available, it can get all over whelming and confusing.

I am definitely one of those people who understands this for a few reasons. I am that someone who has always, and still do, suffer with skin problems. Ever since a teenager my skin flares up in spots, now nearing 40 this hasn't changed. I surround myself with people who i deem to have "perfect skin' and it is a BIG something that I am very self conscious of.

With this in mind, I have 3 children with the oldest approaching her teenage years, I don't want them to go through the same self conscious years that I have, my eldest is already buying all the skincare products that Tiktok inspires her with, so to educate myself is to educate and help them aswell.

So to offer facials is a stepping stone to help myself, help my children and to help anyone else with those self conscious thoughts and issues.

Having done my level 4 Microblading course I already have an understanding of the skin. So when looking for a course I headed to the many many different Facebook groups for advice on the best courses to go on. Million Dollar Facials kept on cropping up. A company that supports their technicians and a company that has many different protocols to suit everyone. I looked at it for months and months, and thought, you only live once and booked on!

A few months prior to the practical, I was given all the paper course work. Working through the books and wathcing the videos to understand the Million Dollar products and protocols. There are 18 different treatments, so lots to learn.

On 22nd June i attended the Million Dollar practical training in Dartford. There was only 3 of us on the course, which I love because you get what feels like that 1-2-1 training. In the morning we did a couple of models for the full Million Dollar facial. For myself learning 2 new techniques Dermaplaning and microneedling. I myself have been having microneedling for a few months and can already see the results. I will be writing up a blog on this soon.

Below shows the 2 models from the Million Dollar facial. This is an advanced facial, the redness is completely normal and is from the microneedling. (When I have my own microneedling done, i can go alot redder than these)

These ladies have both had dermaplaning, microneedling and products used and selected for their skin concerns. eg sensitive skin, dehydration, oily skin, scaring)

After a welcomed catered lunch we were thrown into the chemical peels with a model coming in. Chemical peels are used to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin to reveal new layers. Great for people with uneven textured skin, facial blemishes, wrinkled and uneven pigmented skin. This is another treatment that I cant wait to see results on my own clients.

Lea and Chloe on the training were really helpful and filled our brains with so much information, I cant wait to get going and publish some amazing results.

For more information on all the different Million Dollar Facials I will be offering at Polished Beauty, please check out my Facials page.

We must remember that skin care isn't just a one off, we should be treating our skin all the time for life changing results.



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