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While I had the time in isolation I thought I would write up a blog about my Microblading course that I took back in September.

I have always been one to say that Microblading would never be added to my treatment list, but after lockdown and the desire to feed my brain with new things, I made the big decision to sign up to the training.

After reading lots of feedback and gaining advise through others I decided to pick Laura Kay to train with. Her academy is just down the road from me and she offers VTCT qualification which reading up on is a must (as i will explain).

Before the course I was given the course work that I needed to read up on. The VTCT courses are the equivalent to an A level qualification, and these courses are recognised by the Government and some councils require this type of qualification to be able to carry out the treatment. So of course the coursework and notes are full on and in depth. When i first started reading the course notes I did wonder how i would be able to retain the information but as I have gone on through the months its amazing how much i remember and use.

Course day 1 - the training academy is based in Radlett, and I was joined with 4 other amazing girls, everyone was really supportive of each other. After a quick introduction we were thrown right into the practical side, practising first on paper and then on to fake skin with real blades. Practising our strokes and patterns. It was a good job I had read the course notes before as you really are thrown right into it.

Lunch came around very quickly and after lunch was model time. EEK!! To be honest there was no time to think about it, we were asked to carry out a thorough consultation. Being already from a beauty background, i felt quite comfortable dong this. The model was into the chair.... Laura started off mapping out and showing us her technique of doing it. There are many different ways to map out and having learnt my own way from doing brows for years i def would feel confident in this. Blading, Laura started off and this was really good to spectate in front of our eyes. Next, you have to start somewhere, i was thrust into completing a few hair strokes and fill in with the second pass, under the watchful eye of course.

I came away that day buzzing and dreaming of my models to be done the next day, along with a load of fake skin and blades to practise on that evening.

Course day 2 - I went in confident the next day, we each got a model. I went second so my morning was spent observing the other girls. We got to complete a model under supervision and the watchful eye.

I wish we could have done one more day of practical training, just to build up confidence. I left i a few weeks before completing my first case study, and I was very nervous doing it. But as I have carried on with my case study journey, i have defiantly learnt a lot and felt i have improved. I love the transformations of going from no brow to brow!

Next in my journey is to finish my 10 case studies (I'm nearly there), then i will be booking onto an assessment day. This will consist of doing 2 more models and a paper test, along with handing in all my coursework.

There is so much more to doing a microblading course than going on the 2 day course. The in depth knowledge that you need to know to carry the treatment out is much more. Having spoken to girls who haven't completed the VTCT qualification, it has shown me how much more I have learnt from doing it and the reassurance that its not just a course and away you go, you really do have to know your stuff which in turn will give your clients the confidence and you do a better job.

As my journey goes on I will update my blog.......



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