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Hybrid Brows

So Im really excited to tell you about hybrid brow tint. Some of you who follow me on social media may already have an idea of what it is.

So Hybrid tints are as the word says, hydrid. They are set in between a normal tint and a henna brow. The tint that I will be using is a tint that can be used to prolong the colour on your brows.

The hybrid tint is great for people who want to add depth, increase the density appearance of their brows and want to create a really defined brow. Unlike my HD brow that I use, the hybrid tint will leave a stain on the skin, which helps create a back shadow behind the hair and helps create a thicker look to the brow.

The tint can last unto 7 days on the skin and can last upto 7weeks on the hair, which is nearly twice as long as my normal HD brow tint. The HD brow tint is still great for creating brows for those wanting a more natural look.

There are more shades available in the hybrid tint.

Chestnut - which is a shade great for many a brow and is the staple colour. It has a cool tone and doesn't have the reddish tone that you may expect from the name.

Light brown - this has a yellow undertone and is probably best mixed with graphite or chestnut to counteract that yellow.This is better for brows that don't want that bold appearance and blonde brows.

Brown - another yellow undertone here, best mixed with graphite, chestnut or black (to deepen the tone)

Dark Brown - this is great for people tanned or olive skin. It has a yellow/green undone and is best mixed with black or graphite.

Graphite - can be used to cool tones down

Black - great for eyelashes and to deepen brown colours.

The hybrid brow treatment requires precision. The brow mapping needs to be key and on point. The development time for hybrid brows is 10 minutes.

Hybrid brows at Polished Beauty will be combined with an HD brow, the addition of the hybrid tint will be more expensive than a normal HD brow as the product is more expensive, it is a premium product, the processing time is longer and also is the mapping.

All Hybrid brows need a 48hour patch test before.



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