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Full tip extensions - soft gel

New product alert, welcoming into my nail family Soft gel nails.

This is a speedy nail enhancement services.Using pre-shaped, full coverage soft gel tips applied to the nail to create enhancements, without the need for filing. What’s more, the application means a quicker appointment.

The tips are light to wear and were designed to fit and move with the contour of the natural nail.

The full coverage tips are available in four styles: Medium Round, Medium Coffin, Long Coffin, and Long Stiletto. To ensure a flush fit to the natural nail, the tips are available in 11 sizes. They are a collaboration with the popular Apres technology. Apres Gel X nails is the world's first soft gel nail extension system!

The tips are applied with aTip Primer, this primer means that the tip doesn't need to be etched and Soft Gel Adhesive.

Soft gel nails can last 3-4weeks. They can be infilled but are best to be removed and re applied each time, to ensure the balance of the nail is correct.

Check out my easy application video below......



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