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Beauty tips: brow tails

So my next beauty tip/guidance I wanted to share is about brow tails. I wanted to share this as I see so many brows where the tails stop too high or drag too low. Obviously its your personal preference but when mapping out brows this is what I look for.

As per my photo below, tails should not drop lower than the bulb of your brows. Tails that are lower can drag the face down.

Tails that float too high and are too short, give a spock look. This can happen as you get older as you loose the tails of your brows. They also give the appearance of a flatter brow.

Aswell as how low or high the tail should be you should know where they should stop. As per my photo, if you have an imaginary line going from the corner of your nostril up to the corner of your eye your brow should not go beyond this.



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