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Beauty Tips: Brow lamination aftercare

Brow Lamination is a chemical process that can dry the hair out. I always say to my clients the aftercare is just as important as the treatment.

Ensuring your hairs are conditioned and hydrated is the most important part of the aftercare. Vitamin E helps replace the fat layers on the outside of your cuticle hair and brings back the shine.

Choosing the right oil is important. There are many oils that contain Vitamin E. Here are my top picks for what you should be using on your brows after lamination:

Sweet almond Oil - this is rich in Vitamin E and B7 that helps repair and strengthen the hair structure from the root. Obviously you must watch that you are not allergic to nuts before using this.

Castor oil - this is known to rebuild hair structure whilst also giving the shine and softness.

Jojoba oil - a highly hydrating oil. It can easily penetrate the hair, the other 2 oils above have larger molecules which can make it harder. Jojoba oil maintains and restores the water in the hair.

These are my top oils to use and get hold of, they are gentle to the skin yet beneficial to the hair. TOP TIP: These oils can also be mixed together to get maximum benefits.

If you don't like the sounds of any of the above there are many other different oils/treatments that could condition and rehydrate the brow hairs after the chemical process, such as argan oil, keratin treatments, amino acids, Olaplex the list can go on....... The most important thing is rehydrate the brow hair and DON'T let them go dry and brittle!

TOP TIP: to add that extra condition, while washing the hair on your head, use a hair condition on your brow hair aswell.



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