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HD Brow Virtual Stockist

I hope lockdown is going well, and that you have all resisted the temptation to pluck your own brows or DIY your nails. During this time in lockdown for me, it has come to the realisation that I want to connect more with all my clients. Not sure if any of you have noticed but I have started to do more personal videos of me on instagram. Talking down the camera is not one of my favourites, but to be able to be more connected I feel this is important. So look out for my videos!

One of the first steps to becoming more connected is being able to offer you products to be able to use at home.

I always try to do my best to give you all the best products and steer you in the right way. As you all know I love the HD Brow brand, I love using the products on myself and on my clients and I want you all to start using them at home aswell. So I have become a virtual stockist. If you are wondering what this is, then it allows me to be able to sell you the product but without me having to stock it all in my salon. It allows you to be able to purchase the products through the website and delivered to your door. Just by entering a simple code (unique to myself) when signing up to the website, this connects you to me! I mean, Im sure you don't need an incentive but if you do, with your FIRST purchase you get a free gift!!! Aren't we nice!

If at anytime you are unsure on what is best for you, product or colour, I have most of the brow products in my salon that you can try (when we are allowed to). Perfect lockdown products, if you want to grow in your brows, why not go and purchase the brow maximiser or if you tint is faded and you need to give them some temporary colour why not buy the Colourfix. There are so many great purchases!

By entering you code, it also supports my small business through this hard time with HD brow, so please help by doing it!

Below is a step by step guide into how to set up your account! And thank you for all your support. I miss you all and can't wait to start tiding those brows and nails up.



3. Enter your details and not forgetting my unique code A342


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