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Don't soak your nails!

So I hope isolation is going good for you!

I saw a really interesting post online and wanted to share the knowledge with you and give you all bit of light reading while we are all locked away.

I don't get asked very often at all for a full on manicure with a soak. BUT if you ever get the urge to want to soak your nails (believing this is the best thing for you) then have a read of this and you may think again.

Your nails are like a sponge, when you place a sponge in water, it expands and becomes more flexible and soft. This is exactly what happens to your nails, you nails expand, become more pliable and soft. When we take the nail out the water and file on a soft nail you are damaging the end of the nail.

Also as your nails come out the water and they are expanded you apply product, as the nail starts to dry out the nail contracts back and the product is now more prone to chipping.

Some people think soaking your nails in water will soften the cuticles making it easier to push back, but there are so many products on the market to soften just the cuticle area. I use CND Cuticle away, once cuticles are softened and pushed back, I de activate the product with water to stop in over processing.

So has it made you think twice? Don't ask for soak manicure!


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