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My make up bag essentials, REVIEW.

I wanted to share with you some of my make up essentials that I have in my own make up bag as I truelly believe that without breaking the bank these are must have products.

First of all I will start off with the most amazing blusher. In the past I have brought just powder blushers, but my friend came to me and said 'Ive just brought that Cloud paint from Glossier, everyone is raving about it.

So on her recommendation, my blusher was just about running out and I thought why not try a tester tube of it myself.

There are 6 shades, Storm, Dawn, Puff, Dusk, Haze and Beam, all varying shades of warm, cool, deep, nude and light tones. The product its self is a gel cream, designed to be dabbed onto the cheek. The product is highly pigmented so you really only need a small squeeze. A little goes a long way!

I brought 2 shades, Puff is here in my photo, a light cool pink shade and I also got Haze. Day to day I wear Puff but if I wanted bit more a glam look then Haze, but to be honest any of the colours would work well.

Little tip is that I also put a dab on my lips, its a great lip colour too!

This product is £15 for a 10ml tube on the Glossier website. It sounds a lot but it really lasts a LONG time. OR I got mine on eBay. I am always dubious about the product on eBay as to whether is the real deal, but I paid £3 per colour and the product is fantastic!

My next absolute MUST is a good eyebrow pencil. I am an HD brow stylist and therefore do use their product. My go to brow pencil at the moment is the Browtec by HD brows. Its a retractable slim line pencil. It goes on so easy and with a spool on the other end is great for brushing the brows into place. You can buy this for £19.50 from ME or from the HD brow website.

Now my last recommendation is from Maybelline. I looked in the mirror and thought about the fact I might have to face facts and admit that my eyes are getting darker underneath with age. BOO HOO! So a friend recommended Maybelline Eraser eye concealer. At first the £9 price point seem quite alot to me, but I thought why not give it a go, its also got an anti ageing property in it, so no harm.

There are many shades to choose from, I chose Ivory. I wanted something much lighter than my skin to be able to lift my eye area and hide those bags.

My review - it has a nice creamy texture, stays on all day and lifts the colour in my eye area. Love it!

Why not give these 3 or at least 1 a try!


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