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The Fluffy Brow

Let me introduce you to my new treatment, The Fluffy Brow.

The new brow trend of the year brow lamination has made its way into my little salon. You will see this treatment everywhere across the brow industry. It creates a fully, thicker brow with no make up and i really does tame those unruly wirey hairs.

As soon as I heard of this treatment, I had to do it. I searched a long while to find what I considered to be the best company to train with and this is where I came across The Brow Ateliers offering The Fluffy Brows.

I waited quite a few weeks for the course. It was half a day course. The treatment is so popular the course sold out quick.

​We started off having a slide show on the process and then down to the practical. I think the before and after photos speak for themselves. We were first given a demonstration by the lovely Lucy from Trends Beauty, the process looks so quick and effective.

Next to us to get down to the practical, timings are really crucial during this process, we don't want the brows to over process but then we want them to develop enough so they stretch out and lay flat. Here are my photos from my training.

The brows will stay in place for the rest of their hair cycle which can be 6/8weeks.

Aftercare advice is the same as with a lash lift, for 24hours after the treatment, don't get them wet, don't rub, don't apply make up and don't use steam rooms, saunas or swimming pools. After the 24 hours you can put makeup in, get them wet. The biggest personal tip I can give after, is to keep the brows moisturised, add your hair conditioner to them when washing your hair!

This treatment can be combined with your HD brow, and I suggest having alternate brow lamination treatments with your HD brows.

So why NOT jump on the Brow Lamination train and get your done!


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