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Isle of Paradise - the perfect tanning option for the face

Heres a product you have to try!

I had been using fake tan just on my face earlier on in the year, I hate looking like a ghost and just want a glow on my face. I could never be bothered to tan my whole body, its just something with time would never happen and I had already resided to the fact I'm a milk bottle.

I had been using Skinny tan but my skin is so sensitive to new products that it just seemed that everyday I topped up my face my skin would break out in spots. SO a few months down the line and I found this by Isle of Paradise. Tanning drops, you can apply to your own moisturiser with the benefit of still a tan look. Perfect for me, I can carry on using my Aveeno, something my skin loves but with a glow.

You can buy light, medium or dark drops. Even with my pale skin i deiced on the medium ones. I was worried the first night of using, as I wasn't 100% on how many drops you would need, I didn't want to be tangoed. The instruction say 1-12 drops. EEK! So i decided on 5 drops for just my face.

The consistency is a thick syrup and and once in your hand is easy to mix with your choice of mositerizer and them rub in your face like usual.

The next day luckily I didn't wake orange but a subtle tan, which is exactly what I wanted. The only down fall is, it still smells of that fake tan smell after applying. But this didn't put me off and I am applying to my face once to twice a week!

This small bottle of tanning drops is £19.95.


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