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Lash Mapping, what is it and what is right for you?

Lash mapping is an important part of the eyelash extension treatment. Everyone wants different styles and looks from their lashes, the mapping enables the technician to place the length of each lash in the right place to get the client the right look at the end.

There are many different looks that can be achieved, from squirrel lashes to Kim K lashes but there are 4 basic lash mappings -

Natural - Traditional eyelash mapping, following the contours of your original length but just longer, with different lengths mixed in to mimic the different hair cycles. If your looking for a style that makes a statement this isn't for you!

Open eye - This style accentuates the centre of the eye by adding volume and length toward the centre of the eyelid, tapering down at each end creating a symmetrical graduation.

Cat eye - The lashes begin at the inner corner at their shortest length and gradually taper up as you move toward the outer corner reaching their maximum length at the outer corner. The difference in length is around 50% more by the time we reach the outer corner.

Doll eye - A cross between a natural and an open eye, the Doll Eye is characterised by length right across the eyeline with the longest lashes being focused on the middle of the eye.

What eye are you, and what style will suit you the best?

Almond eyes - almond eyes are considered the most proportionate eye shape, they can support nearly any lash styling.

Hooded eyelids - you will need a styling to open the eye, the most flattering is to have longer lengths in the middle of the eye and to go for a lash with more of a curl to really open the eye. Suggestion - Open eye or doll eye

Round eyes - if choosing the wrong style, your eyes could look surprised if you have round eyes. Going for a less curl on the lash is better and placing the longer lengths towards the outer edge of the eye can create more of an almond shape. Suggestion - Cat eye

Downturned eyes - these eyes point down at the outer edges and need volume on the outside to create a cat eye look and balance out the eye. Suggestion - Cat eye

Close set eyes- the spacing between these are eyes are less than one eye space apart. Attention needs to be drawn towards the outer corners of this style. Suggestion - Cat eye

Deep set eyes - eyes that are set back in the eye sockets, so these eyes require a styling that will bring the eye out. Suggestion - Open eye or Doll eye

Single lid eyes - most common in Asian women, their natural lashes are generally straighter so going for a lash curl that has flare will be more dramatic. Suggestion - C or D curl Cat eye or Doll eye

Hope this has helped you when choosing your eyelash extensions and the choices you make when having your extensions done. There are so many mapping choices to create. So ask your technician to make something for you.


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