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Brow Lamination

So who's heard of Brow Lamination?

This is the hottest trend for brows! When I first saw photos of this treatment I become intrigued as to what it was.

Brow Lamination is a treatment from Moscow, it creates a brushed up brow effect that last upto 6 weeks. So if you want Cara Delevingne brows, then this is for you.

The idea is to brush the hairs all in the same direction and fix them there. Its abit like a lash lift but for your brows.

The benefit of this is not only do eyebrows look groomed and tidy, but also much, much thicker, and they don’t move around.

Brow Lamination is perfect for those -

-people that want a fluffy brushed up brow

-brows that are unruly or growing in the wrong direction

-hairs that are strong and defy all brow products

-who want more than just a tint and tidy

-who wants their brows to be TREND!!

WATCH OUT Brow lamination is coming to Polished Beauty trend!!


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