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HD Better Brows treatment

So I want to give you all the low down information on the new HD brow treatments that you are not going to miss out on.

We have a trio of problem solving treatments for you. You can use all 3 or just the one to suit you.


- For those Clients that want to prolong the wear of their tint

- Who have dry, brittle or damaged brow hair

- Want to improve the overall health of their brow,

This is an invisible film that lightly coats the hairs and help hold the colour for longer.

It is hypo allergenic, therefore very kind to the skin

Re- growth Minimiser

The majority of my clients want to grow in their brow hair to keep up with the fuller brow trends, so therefore you may be thinking you don't need this. But those clients also get lots of hair growth in places they don't want it to grow, e.g. under you arches and down to the eyelids. This product is still for you. It can be applied to those certain parts of the brow to minimise the appearance of undesired re-growth between treatments.

This product can also help with those that want the hair removal process to be a better experience by softening the re-growth hairs.

It is a hypo allergic product and contains Aloe vera.

Brow Maximiser

-The one you have been waiting for, this is for those with patchy, fine or slow growing brows.

-If you want thicker, fuller brows then this is for you.

-If you want quicker results from the Hd brows treatment, then use this product.

-This has a hypoallergenic formula and is kind to the skin.

-It contains LIP-OLIGOPEPTIDE which is a maximum stimulator for hairs.

-It has been clinically proven that this product increases brow density by over 60% in just 4 weeks, which is quicker that our Lash and brow booster which works within a 3month time frame.

All these products will be on an exclusive offer for a limited time. So make sure you get yours!!!!


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