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Lash extension aftercare tips!

Before training in eyelash extensions I heard many a different after care advice, so I wanted to write you a blog with the correct after care advice, some of it you may know and a gentle reminder to keeping your lashes for longer and some of it you may not.


- Avoid getting your eyelashes wet for 24hours

- Do not rub your eyes

- Do not use oil based make up removers

- Do not use saunas, sunbeds, hot steam, swimming, jacuzzis for 24hours after application

- Do not sleep on your face

- Cleanse the lashes every 3 days

- Do not use eyelash curlers.

Getting your eyelashes wet

I was told before my training you shouldn't get your eyelash extensions wet, this of course is a myth! You shouldn't get your eyelashes wet within the first 24hours but after that your can. The only thing to watch out for is to not position your face directly in the shower and to let the water just trickle down your face.

Cleaning your eyelashes

It is recommended you clean your lashes with cleanser every 3 days. When you come for a full set of classic lash extensions, you will be give a free aftercare kit, this includes a small bottle of cleanser. This cleanser been formulated to cleanse the area without breaking down the adhesive bonds. You need to use the hoof to sweep the cleanser through the lashes. Brushing the lashes daily with the wand also keeps them clean and fresh and brushes away any dust, oil and make up.

Not cleaning your lashes can lead to infections, so ensure you keep up with it.

Make up with Eyelash extensions

The reason most of you want eyelash extensions is the benefit of not having to apply mascara daily. But in the case that you want to put make up on your eyes for an occasion then here is what to do.

-Add make up around the eye, remove it using cotton buds, getting as close to the lash as you can.

- Use oil free based remover.

- DO NOT use mascara, mascara can break the adhesive bonds and your lashes will fall out quicker. If you need to put the vavavoom back in the lashes, Eyelash Emporium sell sealants in black or clear, like a mascara wand they place a sealant around the lash without breaking the bond, to protecting from dust, oil and moisture.

- Do not use eyelash curlers, if you picked the most suitable lash curl for you, you won't need curlers anyway!


It is recommended you have your infills done every 2-3weeks. Hair cycle can vary month to month and you can loose more lashes one month to the next. Let me know before you come to your appointment how much needs infilling, to allow appropriate appointment time.

If you need your lashes removed, don't pick them, come back to have them take off professionally and carefully as to not damage your natural lashes.

I hope some of these point have helped you.


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