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Eyelash training!!

So on Monday I travelled to Pinewood studios to finally do my eyelash extension training. I went with a friend of mine who was also interested in starting up, so it was a girls road trip.

There was so much involved in the day, so I will keep this brief. The morning was spent going through lots of health and safety, contra-indications and things that could stop me doing the treatment. We also went through our amazing little kits and the tools needed to do the job.

We next went on to our mannequins heads and practise the art of isolating each lash hair, applying the right amount of glue and attaching. Abit shaking at first but we all got the hang of it.

After abit of lunch, we set about practising patch testing. Patch testing is an important part of the treatment, we are performing treatments on someones eyes and we need to see if they react. Can you imagine doing an eyelash extension on someone and their eyes all swell up and even risk making them blind? Well hopefully patch testing will prevent this. Patch testing was quite abit longer than expected, we apply 2 lashes to the outside of each eye, so please bear this in mind when booking an appointment.

Applying eyelashes to a real person was much harder than the dummies, there are many more hairs and all going in different directions, so this is going to take some practise.

Last section of the course, was all about infills, removal and completing our case studies.

There was soooooooo much information on the day an lots to digest and I have never been so tired and exhausting. I was defiantly dreaming lash extensions that night.

My next journey in the eyelash world is to complete some detailed case studies. You cannot award an eyelash certificate to someone in 1 day, so please consider this when choosing your eyelash technician. The case studies will take me a few months to perfect and complete, this is to make sure I am good enough to perform to anyone. I am a perfectionist so this is perfect for me.

Watch out on my Instagram and photos for updates and photos and I hope you all look forward to joining me on the lash journey.


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