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Lash Survey

With my new treatment pending, I am on the eyelash lookout, Im following all new lash businesses, reading up all thing on eyelashes and looking at everyones lash extensions closely!

Interesting to me in my monthly nail magazine there was an article on lash extensions and a survey that I just had to share with you.

According to Scratch Magazine a staggering 8.48 million eyelash treatments are carried out in the UK each year. With this in mind my competition is high, but for me adding Eyelash treatments to my list isn't about the competition, of course I want it to be successful, but I want to fulfil my fascination with them and create something beautiful for people. Having short eyelashes myself I know the excited feeling of having long lashes that need nothing daily done to them.

Nouveau lashes did a survey of 1000 women 18-55years, which revealed that interestingly women look for the price when choosing who their lash technicians, something I instantly thought was wrong. Are these women crazy, I know we all like a bargain but are they not weighing up the brand, stanitation, the training someone has gone to, I mean these are your eyes after all, such care needs to be taken with them, you only get 1 set!

The survey by Nouveau Lashes also revealed:

9.4% thought eye safety was a low priority

Amazing how to spend £10-20 less on your lashes is more important that your sight and health. If you have not been asked for a patch test, ask yourself why? If the price of the treatment is low, ask yourself why, did the have the best training, are they using the best products?

55% of women in the survey, didn't know the brand of the lash treatment

Before booking on to courses, I ALWAYS make sure I do my research. I don't want to train with anyone, I want to train with the best, so that I can provide an outstanding service and able to know my stuff. Always ask your technician what brand they are using.

30% reported they were not told how to look after and remove their lashes

After care is important to prolong a treatment, if you are not told, ask!!!

50% of women told how they have lashes to make themselves look good and feel confident

29% admitted to pulling off their own lashes. EEEK!!!!!

As I embark on my new training, I take all these results with me and hopefully I would have got some of you thinking.

If you have not been asked for a patch test, ask yourself why?


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