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Winter feet

Like so many of you, my feet go through a lot during the summer. The constant use of flip flops and on/off application of shellac on my toes. So through the winter I like my nails to recover from constant use of shellac and flip flops.

When removing the shellac I use CND RESCUE RXX on my bare toe nails twice a day. This treatment can only be used on the naked nail it repairs damaged nails with the power of Keratin protein and moisturizing jojoba oil.

I also like to exfoliate my feet of all those hard skin areas, caused by flip flop wearing. I use Mr Pumice once/twice a week, using the dark purple side to exfoliate the hard skin areas and then buffing with the lavender side.

After I love to apply my favourite moisturiser Aveeno. Aveeno daily moisturiser is an oily feeling cream and applies great moister to the skin. I have an obsession with moisturiser, i generally apply it to be feet about 3/4 times a day/night, I know an obsession but I cannot stand the feeling of dry feet.


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