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Brow Finish

If you are not sure on what make up to use on your brows after you leave the salon, why not check out this quick make up reference guide to help you decide what to use or click on the above picture for more information.

-Easy and Precise application

-Stays in place all day

-Soft yet defined finish

- Easy to use

-Intense Colour

-Neat and defined finish

- Multi use product, this can be used as an eyeshadow or liner aswell.

-Easily fill and shapes the brows

-Strong and defined finish

-Creates realistic hairstrokes

-Instantly fills out the brows

-Natural looking finish

-Budge proof

-Pigmented brow oil that won't dry out

-Perfect for that power brow

-Set hair in place all day

-Makes hair appear thicker

-Natural, textured brow finish

-Translucent brow gel, create finishing product

-Sets brows in place all day

-Can create a natural brushed up brow


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