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Brow Extension training

Hd brows have updated all their training, so as a Master stylist they have now added Brow extensions to this course.

As brow extensions was added all Master stylist have been asked to come back refresh and learn the new skill.

There was 7 of us on the course. We started off with all the notes on the day and then an introduction to the new express treatment.

I have never added the express treatment to my treatment list, I always thought of the treatment as me charging less but still giving the full HD brow finish, so really not beneficial to me. They have listened to us stylist and changed the process of an express treatment. So now an express treatment includes, sketching out the skeleton of the brow, threading the shape and then adding make up. The express should take no more than 15minutes and is only for existing HD brow clients who have quick re growth and want to maintain that brow between HD brow treatments.

For an express treatment we cannot tint, new beauty industry guidelines state brows cannot be tinted within 4 weeks of having them done before. An express would normally be done 2-3 weeks after a full hd brow treatment.

On the course we practised on each other and came to realise how quick actually 15minutes is!

After bit of lunch, we were introduced to the brow extensions. I was a dubious of this treatment as it only last 24-48hours, so I didn't see the point really. But as we started to watch a demonstration video and the practise applying the hairs to our hands I came to realise then effect is actually really good. The treatment really is only for people who have sparse eyebrows for events, weddings or photoshoots as you can appreciate the hairs only last that 1 day. It can also be a good way to show clients who are thinking about microblading how it can look.

There are 5 different shades of hairs, black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown and blonde, each shade had flat shapes or curved shapes all in different sizes aswell. There is also 2 different glues, one to apply to the skin and one to apply to existing hairs. Of course if you are applying hairs to the skin these hairs are not going to last as long as ones glued to existing hairs.

Once practising you really can get carried away with adding in hairs, it can fill in gaps, make brows fuller or create different finishes such as the brushed up brows!

These photos show a quick application, I would have loved to have spent longer on them, but you cannot tell the difference between the real hair the the extensions.

The treatment cost from £20 depending on how much time is spend on your brows. I would love to know what you think of this treatment and to know you would consider having it done for a special occasion!


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