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Polygel course

This month I went on a Polygel course.


Day 1 of the course was about familiarising ourselves with the Polygel product, practising on each other with applying tips and forms and trying to create the perfect nail shape. So a lot to learn in 6hours!!!

When we arrived Jenny gave us a quick explanation of Polygel the product, a demonstration and then we were straight into practical. First we started off using plastic tips. The Nail Harmony tips seemed much easier to use than any tip I've used before and can be quite versatile to a curved to a flat nail, they fit all types while keeping the end a nice C curve.

When doing an extension the shape is important, we want to keep the tip of the nail thin and not bulky to ensure it looks like a natural nail, while maintaining the stress area of the nail raised in the right place.

Once the tip is applied we added a bead of the Polygel. The skill to moving the gel around the nail was to use the flat of the brush rather than jabbing the end of it. This is going to take some practise and getting used to. Being the perfectionist I am I wanted to get it right first time and not have to do much filing but I think I set my goals too high, this is going to take some practise.

After lunch we finished our nails on each other and started using the sculpting forms to make an extension.

When I got home I did many a nails practise on my nail trainer, while also trying to fit in a few live models.


Day 2 I went in with habit more confidence. The aim of the day was to infill and rebalance nails, removals and learn the dreaded french.

To remove the Polygel, it just needs a course grit file and file away 70% of the polygel then soak off the remainder. The gel came off very cleanly and much easier than thought.

Infills takes me back to my acrylic days, filing away the lifting product and filling in with the polygel.

The pink and whites was alittle more interesting, we were taught how to create an extended nail bed using the cover pink, light pink and white. First using the cover pink to cover the middle section of the nail and create a wall and smile line for the white to sit next to. The is the important part to creating a nice crisp white line. Next infilling near the cuticle area with the light pink so that when the nail grows up, the grow out will be subtle. Lastly add the white!

Course finished!!!

Now its on to practise practise, getting my timings down, refining my techniques. I will be offering a special introduction price on Polygel to start, you may have to bear with me on time as i may be slow!!


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