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HD brows have changed back

HD Brows, has announced a transition back to its original HD Brows name, dropping the High Definition brand that launched in early 2016.

The name-change is part of the company’s approach to bring everything back to brows, as well as building on its training, make-up range and partnership pledge.

“I want HD Brows to continue to lead the way in brows – setting the trends, giving the clients the most innovative products and giving our incredible HD Browsstylists access to the very best, inspiring brow training out there,” comments Karen Betts, CEO of HD Brows.

“Creating AMAZING brows is what we do and now we have the HD Brows name back to reflect this.”

The name change also coincides with the roll-out of the improved brow curriculum, adding to the Master courses; brow extensions. So watch out for this at Polished Beauty.


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