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Ever since I have seen the adverts for Polygel it has always interested me. So when I got the email to trial it for free I jumped at the chance. I don't offer extensions at the moment as I just can't seem to find the system that works for me. Acrylics are to harsh for the nails and take too long to create, gels seem to be runny and I just can't seem to find the correct one to suit me.

PolyGel by Gelish was inspired by a desire to create a product that keeps everything nail techs like about acrylic and hard gel systems while removing the aspects they don’t like, according to creator Danny Haile.

Great points about it are:

- It is more flexible than acrylic, stronger than hard gel, and lighter than both, according to Gelish.

-The product can be applied as an overlay over natural nails, a tip overlay, or sculpted over a form.

-PolyGel nails can be rebalanced the same way acrylic or gel nails are rebalanced.

-There is no odour to it like acrylics

The only down side to it is that you have to file it to remove the whole thing, there is no soaking involved. I have never liked systems that you have to file off as it takes too much time and your never 100% sure when you reach the natural nail so this can cause more damage to the nail. BUT this said I thought I would give it a go, the pro's out weighed the con.

Stelios and Lydia came to my cabin to show me how it worked and I was so excited as when given a chance to play with it myself what i quickly created in 10mins with a whingy baby at my side and under pressure was amazing.

With a baby who won't take a bottle and let me leave her there is no way I can attend the training for 2 days (sad face) but I really wanted in this time to be able to play with it on myself and friends. So i eagerly awaited the release of the Trial kits.

As soon as it arrived and the kids were asleep I went down to the cabin and started playing. I applied a tip to 1 nail and then sculpted with another. The PREP was so quick and in no time i was applying the Polygel. For the nail with the tip I just built up the nail structure with the gel. The Polygel was easy to manipulate into where i wanted but didn't move after it was put in its place. The nail with the form I built up a thin nail base then built it up in another application of Polygel. The nails were set in the LED light for 30secs. The Polygel is then filed to shape, the particles of dust filed away sink straight to the table rather than float around like acrylics which is one of Polygels selling points.

This photo shows off my sculpted nail with Gelish over the top. When it comes to rebalancing and infilling the Gelish can be soaked off in order for a new colour to be placed on and the Polygel will stay in place.

I am currently looking at booking onto the course, I feel this may be the system for me to offer to be able to provide extensions, so watch this space!!


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