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BLEACH London Toner review

So I few months ago I had a slightly different shade of blonde in my hair. I wanted to go for a icy/ashy shade of blonde. I felt before my hair was too yellow before. The problem was there is quite a lot of red tones in my hair so to try and get that ashy look is hard to achieve. My hair dresser advised me to use a toner in my hair once my hair started to look brassy.

So I looked in Boots and along with the silver shampoo and conditioner from the same brand I bought this White Toner from Bleach London. I didn't want anything expensive as a first trial.


The product was easy to apply, much like a hair dye kit at home.


As you can see the results are much lighter and ashier shades. The product does fade I feel quite quickly but it is a good toner to use mid way between getting your hair done.

I would be using this again.


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