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Foot Peel Review

So many new products I have used to review and not much time to do it.

So I wanted to firstly write up about the foot peel.

I have heard from numerous people about Baby feet, a product that makes the skin peel on your feet and gives you smooth baby feet after a week. I put it off for months and months as you can't moisturise your feet while the skin is peeling and I just didn't know if I could do this, so put it off.

One day I finally thought, sod it and I bought Beauty Pro foot and callus peel boots.

The boots come in a silver packet and are all sealed up so there was no mess when putting them on. Your feet slide in and tape up and left for 1hour 30mins. Of course in this time your supposed to sit with your feet up, walking around can be slippy and not ideal, but on this particular night I did it my kids decided to get up out of bed a few times, so I was up and down the stairs non stop. Thinking about it after I should have worn socks over the top to avoid any accidents. I left my boots on for 2hours.

After the 2 hours, I rinsed off the solution and left them. My feet in bed that night felt very dry and it was soooooo tempting to moisturise, but i resisted.

After day 3 nothing had happened, but on day 4 after a day of being on my feet all day walking round Legoland I got home to whip my socks off to the whole of my heel peeling. I really wish I had got a photo of it as it was amazing but I was too eager to peel it off. And so the fun began.

Over the next few days my toes began to peel and the rest of my foot. The peeling did go on for over a week and it did get very addictive, I thought it was never going to stop.

The end result, my feet I can't say are like baby feet smooth, the peeling went on far too long for the results that I got. I wouldn't be using it again as I feel I can achieve the same results just with a pumice bar. I would say to others give it a go (its fun to peel the skin off) but do it in winter when your not too conscious about your flakey feet being on show.


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