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IBX Training

I have been using IBX for a while now, but I thought I should perhaps do the training to ensure I am using the product correctly and to boost my knowledge in it.

My training was in London at Jades Angels, a hair salon/nail bar just off Oxford Street. There was only 3 of us on the course.

IBX was born with the thought that it would help prevent damage to the nail when gel polish is removed. IBX is the only product that penetrates through the nail, rather than sitting on top. IBX is a toughening system that supports natural nail growth. Regular use of IBX will help repair damaged nails and help it grow out,help strengthen thin bendy nails and fill grooves and ridges to create smooth nails. As said IBX generates into the nail and only comes out once its grown out.

IBX is applied using a heat source lamp and then setting under a light box. The 2 lights are used for completely different uses, the heat source is to help the IBX penetrate into the nail, where as the light box with help cure and set it in there.

Results can be seen straight away. For those wanting to know how often you will need IBX, for those who have really damaged nails IBX needs to be applied once a week until they have healed or recovering where the application can be applied once every fortnight. Once nails are in a good condition IBX can be applied every 3 weeks or every time a client comes for gel polish removal and application.

IBX can repair splits in the nail and acts like a glue to bind them back together.

Jade advised us that the IBX treatment should be a necessity when performing a gel polish treatment and all clients should have this. But for me I will be recommending IBX for those that I think will really benefit from this treatment.


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