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HD Brows Master training

So last week I went on my Master training for High Definition brows. I was proud to be asked by one of the team that they thought I was ready to take the next level up, and even better news that the training would be taken with Nilam Patel the founder of High Definition and to be honest the best person to be training to do brows with. So how could I say no!!

The day started off with the normal formal written presentation and then straight on to practical work.

Lightening the brows -

The trend for brows these days are not to have them too dark but natural looking. Lightening brows can be good to match brow hair to hair colour (warming then up), to be able to tint grey or course hair that don't normally take on colour or just to keep up with the trend.

We were also taught how to get an ombre eyebrow using the lightening paste, this trend seems to have grown increasingly popular recently.

Express treatment -

The Hd brow express treatment is to offer to those that cannot have tint, to those that just want a quick tidy, for those that haven't been patch tested or for those that just want a quick refresh between HD brow treatments.

The treatment is about a 15minute sessions and is a total reverse of doing the full HD brow treatment. Using make up first and only 1 method of hair removal.

Face waxing -

We were introduced to face waxing using the black hot wax. The wax is a honey like texture and is designed to not stick to the skin, which to me make such a difference to the hot wax I already have in the salon. The wax shrink wraps the hair, as it becomes cooler it hardens and grips the hair to be able to pull out. We practised waxing a whole face, aswell as using the wax in place of threading for those people that don't want threading done and with more sensitive skin.

The day was a lot of practical work, Nilam passed on some great finishing techniques, which I am keen to get practising and perfecting. I now have to send off some case studies of all the new techniques we learnt so I can get my master certificate.


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