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I have been using High Definition Fluid foundation personally for a while but when High Definition ran out of stock and there was no sight into seeing it come back in stock I needed to find another.

The reason I liked High Definition foundation was because it was thick, had high coverage, it also stayed on my face all day and wasn't oily. So finding something to match it was going to be hard.

After a demo in Bare Minerals foundation which was cakey and thick my friend recommended using Estee Lauder double wear. So I went in to Debenhams got matched up and left with a £30 bottle of foundation. I used it for a few days and to be honest wasn't completely sure, the colour was orange and the coverage wasn't as good as my High Definition. But I left it a few weeks as I didn't want to waste £30. My friend commented that I really should have been given a tester to take away and that the colour was darker than what she uses and I'm paler than her. So I decided that was it and set off to get some testers.

I tried a few different shops to trial out testers. I didn't want to waste my money again on colours that weren't right and if you go in different shops then you get different peoples opinions on whats right. Estee Lauder have nearly 45 shades to choose from darker skin tones to really pale. They have different codes for the different shades C- cool shade, N - Neutral, W- warm. The first shade I bought was warm tone, now my skin is not warm at all so I don't know how this girl got it wrong. The last one I tested and settled with was a cool shade, my skin is quite pink.

I love the new foundation, although it took a while to get there, the foundation lasts the day and has good coverage but looks natural and not cakey. My skin has never been better. Now its just typical that the High Definition foundation is back in stock, but I don't think ill be changing back.


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