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So I am at the start of my Gelish journey......

I was flicking through one of my nail magazines a while ago when a leaflet dropped out to say 'Try Gelish'. I am such a loyal fan and technician to CND Shellac I have never thought about introducing a new gel polish. I know quite a lot about Shellac and the fact it is one of the most kindest of polishes to the nail, has a really long shine and is a very thin polish just leads me to love and push it more. I know that Gelish is also a well known brand and produce a lot more colours that CND Shellac but I have never been educated about it.

So back to the leaflet - I sent off my information and waited as I thought no harm it trailing something out. To be honest a while had gone and I had forgotten about it when Nail Harmony rang me and arranged an appointment for someone to come round and give me a Gelish demo to see what I thought about it.

During my demo Lydia and Stelios were very informative and showed me the array of colours that Gelish offer, which was amazing. They offer neon colours, unique glitters in the bottle and can achieve much brighter shades. Obviously some of the colours were practically the same as CND Shellac.

Lydia did a set on me, I chose a really neutral shade with sparkle through it. Application was a slight buff of the nail, a PH dehydrator to remove any oils from the nail. The foundation is applied thinly and scrubbed into the nail, 2 layers of colour and top coat to top it off. The process all very similar to Shellac.

The nails lasted me a good 2 weeks which was amazing. Normally Shellac doesn't get through the week with all the products I use in the salon, so I was so impressed with this. I decided just over the 2 week mark to have a change and to trial out the removal process.

When clients come to me with Gelish on and I am to remove it I aways find it really difficult to get off so I was interested with instructions I had been left if it was going to be easier. The removal process requires you to buff the top coat off to break the seal and to soak with the remover for about 12minutes. For me the Gelish needed abit more of a scrape to get the product off the nail, but with a slight buff to smooth the nail out, my nails looked fine.

So my overall experience has been really good with Gelish. My second colour I applied slightly dulled in colour overall the weeks and the colour very slightly changed. Some of my clients specifically ask for Shellac as they know the reputation of it but for those who just care about the colour (some wanting brighter of different shades) and maybe perhaps wan a longer wear then Gelish may be for them. I have now started my collection rolling and I have 7 colours to choose for!


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