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High Definition Pro Course

So Thursday I attended the Pro course for High Definition brows. I want to up my game in the brow business and learning new techniques and perfecting the brows to a Pro finish is the way to do it.

There wasn't many of us on the course, only 5! The day started with us viewing a treatment on a model. Its always good to watch one of the Elite trainers giving the High Definition treatment to refresh and gain new techniques.

After, we reviewed over some of the make-up again. As High Definition is growing and changing for the better as a business some of the make-up has changed aswell. Tones have slightly altered, making the lighter colours more ashy in tone and less orange and warm making them more versatile for all clients and making the Vamp tones darker.

A favourite of the day that I am going to look into is the SOS balm. It is created to sooth skin after the High Definition Brows treatment. It can also protect dry/irritated or even sunburnt skin and can be used a moisturising lip balm.

The advantage of being a pro stylist is to be able to perform a treatment for a client sitting up. To be able to do this a different technique of waxing and threading is needed. So we then got to practise these new styles on each other. The difference in threading is being able to thread with both hands. This is going to take some practise as its like learning threading all over again as I am using my less dominant hands! So I may be a little slower if I choose to practise on you.

After a nice lunch we got to do full High Definition on each other. As you know with fashion trends they are always changing and the same happens with brows. Every time I visit the academy we are learning new finishing techniques to keep up with the trends and the afternoon proved no different. With brows these days we are wanting to put less make up in them and use less trimming to making the brow look more natural.

Watch my brow journey on Instagram and see me grow from a stylist to a Pro.


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