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Selfie Light

So this week I put up a photo of a new gadget that I had bought? Can you tell what it is, because I'm about to tell you.

On my HD brow course a few weeks back they had what you call a selfie light. Like this photo left below.

This enabled us to get better shots of our brows, giving better lighting. The photos they showed us were amazing, the difference made it look like the girl was on a photoshoot scene. But all they used was this light.

The light ring was quite big, you put your camera through the ring and took your photo.

Excuse the photo, as I am no model, but the lighting was amazing.

Now every HD brow stylist was on the search for these, but to be honest the light was far too big for my cabin and too expensive at £70 just for a light. So my search was on. I searchd Amazon for ages for a small phone selfie light and looked at general reviews of selfie lights and this is what I got.....

The selfie light was from Amazon, called Raphycool LED selfie light ring.

The light was more expensive than I wanted to spend at £30, so I was hopeful it was good.

The idea of this light ring is that it clips on to your phone so you can have it facing you or outwards. The light works the same as the larger one and thats why I liked it. The photo is taken through the middle of the light ring.

The light has 3 different settings of brightness. Below are my before and after shots. Can't wait to start using it for my brows!



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