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My birthday week!

So I havent written a blog in a while. I didnt have a computer before Christmas and I have been busy updating and refreshing my website, which is still in the process of being changed, so I just haven't had time to write one.

I have a few products I'm trialing that I'm still continuing to use and trial and will hopefully be able to review to you soon.

In the meantime I thought I would write alittle blog about my exciting week last week.

This Sunday is my 30th birthday and last weekend I was celebrating with my friends by going to pay the Dreamboys a visit.

So last week was my prep week, With a few treatments done and under my belt I started off my Saturday by getting my hair freshly cut and dyed by my lovely friend Kate.

Sunday we celebrated my beautiful friends baby shower. We drove all the way to Tring to Pendley Manor. Our party had our own private room, where we were served the best value for money afternoon tea I've been to. The pile of scones and cakes that came out were huge. We all took home a goody bag of cakes as there was plenty to go around.

On Monday evening I went to freshen up my brows with Lisa. I love going to Lisa for my HD Brows as we always have a good chat about HD Brows and techniques.

Throughout the rest of the week, I tinted my eyelashes, managed to fit in my own nails with Rockstar Shellac in Antique gold.

So Saturday night came, I packed the kids off with my husband to the in-laws and got ready for the night out. We were picked up by limo, which was such a laugh. We arrived at the Dreamsboys just in time as the journey had taken us alittle longer. The show started off with a drag queen, not going to lie, I thought i would be in hysterics but sadly I wasn't. The "show" was very cringing for me aload of 'pretty' boys dancing around the stage, BUT it was a great laugh and that is why we went after all. After we stayed for abit of a dance and then got our limo home. A brilliant night out, I'm definantly not cut out for BIG nights out anymore but one to remember.



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