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HD brow make up

Ever since attending the HD brow definition tour I have been really interested in the make up. Not being the best at doing make up I asked a few questions and sampled some of the make up.

The fluid foundation was by far my favourite, and I wanted to tell you all about it. It has great coverage, and covers over blemishes easily. After taking a mini sample home with me I found a little goes a longway and it lasted all day!

Now the fluid foundation wasn't cheap to buy, but I thought I would buy it to wear for special occassions, and now to be honest it is sooooooo good I end up wearing it most days.

Now along with the foundation I bought the kabuki brush. This little bush is so easy to use with the foundation and gives a really good airbrush finish. Even thought it is abit expensive I would recommend this brush to anyone, I love it!

To use......

1. Put a small amount of foundation on the back of the hand

2. Pick up a tiny bit of foundation on the brush

3. In circular motion work it onto the face

and there your done. The process is soooooo quick.

The fluid foundation is £32 per shade, Kabuki brush is £28.50

Having gone on the HD brow course we did get to trial out some of the other make up

- the powder foundations have great pigmentation and again provide good coverage (£21.50)

- the eyebrow palettes - I use these all the time when it comes to finishing off a brow. The palettes all provide a highlighter powder, a carbon powder, a wax and then the 2 colours in the middle vary from which palette shade you go for. The palette has a nice little mirror on the inside for on the go and the fantastic thin angled brush to create fine details within the brow. The eyebrow palette can also double up as an eye shadow aswell. (£25 per palette)

- the lipgloss - the glosses come in various shades and leave a lovely sheen. (£15)

The whole range of make up can be found on


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