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HD brows

As I have not been able to update my blog I haven't been able to show you the progress of my HD brows.

As my salon is now up and running I am now offering this treatment from my cabin in Welwyn Garden City. I must admit that some eyebrows have been a challenge and doing them is still part of my learning experience, HD brows is not just a simlar wax and tint. What do you all think? leave comments.

Below- Wanting something abit more natural - has never done anything with her brows before...............................

Below were one of my hardest set of brows - they had been over plucked and were really out of shape. I tried to create a new shape but this will get better over the next few treatments as the hair starts to grow in where I want it. This client took home the brow and lash booster. We shall see how this is grows over the next few months.

Unfortunatly the before photo on the 2 below are after I tinted as i forgot to take a picture, but still a great transformation!

The lady below was fed up of having them threaded as the place she went to kept taking off more and more hair each time.

This brow below was a very full brow before, I tried not to make them much darker as they were already quite intense but I tidied them up and gave them great definition.


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