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Log cabin build part 2

Wahooooo I am back to my blogs. I've not been able to update for a while due to my computer breaking, but I'm back on. Lots of blogs to update and products to review............................

So let me start with finishing off my blog on the progress of my blog. So I left my last update with the floor boards starting to be laid. We added thick insulation below the floor boards so that we didn't loose any heat through the floor. The cables for the electrics were laid and the floorboads nailed into place.

We started off painting the outside to ensure that the cabin was weatherproof and while the weather was nice we got cracking on it, but it came to a stand still when the weather changed and we ran out of the trim paint.

While the weather was rubbish we got going on the inside. Firstly we gave the walls and ceiling a lick of paint, priming it first and then adding a lovely shade of grey. I choose grey as I wanted it to be light and bright but didnt want the starkness of white.

The painting did take a while getting in all the nooks, but once it was completed we could finally make it feel like a room rather than a shed by adding the laminate floorboards.

Once all the paiting was finished and the floorbaords were in all the plug sockets and lightings were fitted.

Now to add the furniture.

MY HD brow chair arrived first,

Slowly over the weeks my furniture arrived, my lovely dresser for my HD brow station, my nail desk and storage units.

There always seems something to complete in the salon. We have finally finished off with stepping stones to the cabin this weekend, so you don't get mucky feet on the walk into the salon.

From the clients I have done so far, everyone is so impressed with the layout. No one feels like they are in a shed, and it really feels like a room and a salon. To add heat into my cabin I have a lovely Dyson heater which has a thermostate so it regulates the temperature while i am during treatments, it adds in heat in really quickly so its nice a cosy for when my clients arrive.

I would definantly recommend Dunster House for their cabins, and especially my handy helpers, my husband and father-in-law for all their hard work in building. I'm sure David wouldn't say they same but it seems to have all gone up smoothly and is definantly worth it :)


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