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Log cabin build

I have been so busy recently getting the new salon up and ready and we are nearly there. I wanted to share with you all the process of my build of the cabin. My husband and father-in law worked so hard to build it and it took over a weekend and more........................................

The cabin arrives...... and takes over my garden!!

The walls of the cabin are slotted on top of each other, no drilling here. The window and door frames have been slotted it as the wall goes up.

END day 1.

The second day was taken up by completing the roof. Adding the insulation,membrane and the tiling,the tiling took quite a while, hammering in each tile. We applied the glass and trims to the door and windows.

Before we layed the flooring with got an electrian in to add in the wiring so these wouldn't be seen and couldbe placedunder the boards. The flooring we completed throughout a week in the evening where we could fit in the time

Come back in a few weeks to see how we finish the cabin and finally turn it into a mini salon.


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