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Liz Earle experience!

I wanted to give you a little review on the new Liz Earle cleanse and Polish and also my lovely Liz Earle facial.

A few weeks back I went into a Boots near me in London Colney, by the counter I spotted the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, now I didnt realise Boots had started selling the brand so I was abit excited to see a whole stand in there. I went over to the stand and talked to the lady about the new scent of Cleanse and polish. I was honest and told her I probably would buy it on the Liz Earle website as they are very good and offer little freebie incentives. She informed me of the incentives that they do in store aswell. If you pay for a £20 facial to have in a treatment room in the store then they give you back the £20 to be redeamable against Liz Earle products. This was a no brainer, I needed to buy a cleanse and polish so effectively I was getting a facial for free. I booked in!

Couple weeks later I was back. The room was dark, smelled lovely and had calming nature music, couldn't believe I was in the middle of Boots! The facial used all the Liz Earle products, it seemed to go on forever and even included a little hand and arm massage. I would recommend doing this if your going to be buying Liz Earle product.

So to move on to the new Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - Jasmine & Osmanthus, this is a limited edition scent so go grab now before it goes. Now I love the smell of jasmine but this didn't quite live up to the jasmine aroma. The smell is gorgeous and I definatly prefer it to the original.


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