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Waist Training

I saw an article in the Daily mail the other day about waist training, so I thought I would share with you my experiances with them.

I have been waist training since February, whiles't it maybe a pain to do, it has made a dramatic difference to my waist and I never go a week without wearing it.

Waist training is the gradual process of cinching your waist line helping you to achieve ‘cola bottle curves’ They are perfectly safe to wear and despite what many people think they will not compact your organs, in fact they have many benefits. The more you wear your waist trainer the faster you will see results.

I bought my waist trainer from a website called At first glance I did think WOW they are really expensive, but I thought I need to try this so I started off with a cheaper one on the website the Essie.

Essie trainer has 2 rows of hooks, the more rows of hooks they have the longer it may last as the smaller you waist becomes the more you can tighten it.

The Essie comes in different colours but I went for nude as I didn't know what I would be wearing it under.

Remembering back when I first put it on, it tucked everything in and I felt amazing and slim. I knew that you had to wear this trainer for 8 hours a day but to start off I just wore it a few hours to get used to the feeling and increaded it.

Sitting down is most uncomfortable, you cannot slouch in it and have to keep a straight posture. I kept my first waist trainer far TOO long, but to be honest I didn't want to spend further money on something when I hadn't woren the first one long. So about a month ago I bought my second. This time I bought a 3 row trainer, so it lasts abit longer.

This time I went for a black 3 row sport trainer. This trainer has a thicker panel at the front and the overall material was thicker and softer, whereas my Essie had a rubber feeling on the outside. As the size was smaller I was apprehensive about how comfortable the trainer would be, but it was more comfortable than my Essie due to the fit being tighter and better for my size.

Waist trainer really does work, I started off with a size 10-12 and now am wearing a 8-10. My stomach feels so much flatter. I do wear my trainer everyday for 8 hours, but I do have the occassional day off as I just need to be free. I really wish I had taken measurements before I had started but I didn't, but I can just feel how big my jeans are around my waist now.


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