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St Tropez gradual shower tan!

So I wanted to bring you my review on the new St Tropez gradual shower tan.

Once washed, I stopped the shower and applied the tan soloution quickly and roughly all over my body using circular motions. To be honest I didn't know if I had done it properly, the lotion is a creamy but doesn't have a colour so was hard to know if I was doing it right.

You MUST wash the palms of your hands off while you wait, to ensure you dont get orange hands!

It was a pain to wait out of the shower for 3minutes but it seemed to go quite quick. With a quick wash off and pat dry, I waited til the morning for the outcome.

I applied this 2 nights in a row, purely because even for a pale person like me it didn't make a dramatic difference on the first night, but after the second I noticed it gave me a nice glow.

I LOVED the fact it was soooo easy to apply, there was no art to it, I just slapped it on, there was NO streaking at all, I also loved it there was no staining of the bed sheets and no fake tanning odour!

Overall I think it's a fab product, I'm glad I bought 2 bottles. If you naturally have darker skin then I'm not sure how many application you would need for it to make a dramatic appearance, but its worth it just for the no streaks, no odour and the ease of application!

Happy Tanning!!


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