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Love your nails

Our nails are best beauty accessory, we can extend them, paint them, decorate them, show are moods with them and match them to our outfits. Having good looking nails has become important to us but treating them just right is just as important.

If you are one of my regular clients you will know how much I drum into you that the use of Solar Oil very important, it conditions your nails and skin and prevents dehydration, prolonging your nail service and maintaining healthy nails underneath. But there are other things that you at home can do to look after your nails at home and information that you SHOULD remember during nail services to prevent damage.

1) The natural nail should never be buffed with any coarse nail file or buffer. A really important bit of information you must remember - an electric nail file must NEVER be used on the natural nail!

2) one of the main reasons alot of you have damaged nails are due to you picking off the gel nails. After a couple of weeks, some of you may notice your gels lifting and whilest this may be tempting to pick, it can be the mostdamaging. The top layer of your nails contains the most delicate protective cells, so picking the gel off also removes this protective layer of the nail.


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