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Moyou London Stamping

I have been thinking about for ages about ordering Moyou stamps and I finally took the plunge and did it.

A couple of years back I received from my mother in-law a lovely small Konad stamping set. I tried it a few times but couldn't quite get the hang of it, so put it to the back of the cupboard and didn't really think of it. This year at the Professional Beauty show at Olympia I wandered past the Moyou stall,another brand of stamping sets, and was given a really quick and easy demonstration, I tucked the brochure in my bag and kept it as a reminder that I must give this stamping another go.

So finally last week I trawled through the Moyou London website, trying to pick just 3-4 plates as a starter, let me tell you it was hard, the choice is vast. If you ever get a chance to look at the website you will see what I mean.

When my parcel arrived on Friday, I was mega excited to get practising and my client that evening was my unsuspecting victim.

So let me show you how this works........

I used Shellac for this trial. I picked the lovely Rose Brocade and a tulip stamp. The Shellac starts with the finished Shellac service. The stamping will be applied on top and top coated again after.


For the stamping you have to use the Moyou stamping polishes,as the consistency is much thicker.

Apply the polish over the engraving and quickly swiping off the excess polish with the Moyou scraper.


Rolling over the engraving with the stamper, this picks up the image. This can then be transfered to the nail. This whole process should be donevery quickly so that the polish doesn't dry on the stamper and not transfer over.

To finish off I Shellac topcoated the nails.

So the rest of my evening was spent experimenting with the rest of the plates. I'm not going to lie some the prints were proving difficult to pick up and it seems there is some kind of knack to it, of which of course I need practise.

So what do you think of this new nail art technique?

You check out all the Moyou plates at


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