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Spring/Summer 2015 Trends

So I got my new update on nails trends for this Spring/Summer 2015. How can you get the look with some of my Shellac Shades. Which trend would you pick?

LITTLE TREASURE - Rich Jewel tones and scattered sparkles ooze decadence contrast with strong shapes and dark artistry for nails that show off some serious attitude.

Why not try out some of my bright Shellac colours this summer, Tango Passion, Locket Love and my new shades Lost Labyrinth or Butterfly Queen. And why not add some gold studs or diamante's for that something extra special!

little treasure.jpg

colours treasure.jpg

BARELY THERE - Expose your styling skills with simple nude nails and natural hues and don't be afraid expose and experiment with negative space.

barely there.jpg

bare neutrals colors.jpg

NAUTICAL BUT NICE - Say 'Ahoy' to sea shades and stripes and dive right into stark whites and summery coral hues for striking sailor chic nails. Tropix is a must have colour and team it up with Blue Rapture to get this look.

nautical but nice.jpg

colours nautical.jpg

UPTOWN FUNK - Seventies chic meets couture styling as Woodstock vibes dominate the catwalks. Crank up the texture and experiment with bold hues to really get your talons in tune with this trend.

Why not check out my nail art for Uptown funk, you can create interesting textures and personal nails.

uptown funk.jpg
colours uptown funk.jpg

PRETTY SPORTY - Last but not least contrast cool urban flavours with punchy pastels for a kick-ass coolyet feminine look.

pretty sporty.jpg
colours sporty.jpg

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