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CND Additives Art & Style Class

I wanted to share with you all my nail art class I attended on Wednesday. The class was to demonstrate how to use the CND additives.

Some of you have already have CND additives as part of your service but may not have realised what they are...... they are a pure, concentrated pigments and sparkling effects designed to blend over CND Shellac to create different effects or tones and create some effective nail art.

So first of all there are 4 different types of additives. Pure pigments, pigment effects, effects and glitters.

I have only started off with a small collection but as my confidence grows and if more of my clients are wanting them my collection will grow.

Below I wanted to share with you some of the designs and techniques we achieved in the class.

Above: The first nail pop we created a zip effect nail art, not using the additives yet but just experimenting with the dotting tool. Something so simple yet effective, and small dots work just aswell as the large ones.

Above: This nail pop was created using the striping brush, dragging down the Shellac. This idea has a technique which I haven't used yet, glitter dots, it was so easy, just adding glitter into the top coat and dotting on!!!

Above: We moved on to using the additives to create these 2 designs. Patting on the additives so as to not give an uneven appearance, then using the detailing brush to create lines. This wasn't my favourite design but was a good start to using the additives.

Above: This was one of my favourites of the day, such a great effect. First of all we created random patterns with the additives topping it with a glitter Shellac. I used Silver VIP and Dazzling Dance. Next I applied a dark colour of Shellac and carved out the design to show through the coloured additives beneath. Such a simple but effective design, be sure to have a look at these one's up close on an appointment with me.

Above: This one is the additives burnished onto a Shellac layer with tiger stripes painted on.

Above: Not on the critieria for the day but we all learnt this fab bubbled dotty design. Using additives and top coat. Another design that you must feel and look at to appreciate it.

Above: Next we explored the foils. Having already used foils I used them in different ways. Scrunching up the foils and blending different coloured foils on one nail to create this effect.

Above: And this one was created with the additives beneath and the foil burnished onto swirls on top.

Above: The last one we learnt is so simple but so effective. Stripes of uncured Shellac are marbled together using the striping brush, if you pick the correct colours this can look really smart.

Please ensure you have a look at my designs when you have your appointments, they will get your imagination rolling and want to create mini pieces of art on your nails. The options are endless, I really could have sent a week exploring new ideas!!


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