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HD brows


This blog is better late than never, over the Christmas period I had my first set of HD brows. Having seen a few of my clients and friends with HD brows I had to give it a go.

I went to a fantastic lady in Welwyn Garden City called Lisa Coleman. I found her just browsing on the internet. She is a very busy and popular lady, especially over the Christmas period so I booked in ASAP.

HD brows create the perfect eyebrow and shape and definition using a number of different methods all in one session. Each brow is created for each individual.

Stage 1, First of all Lisa asked what I wanted to achieve out of the HD brow system, of course my answer was, to create the perfect shape and to tidy them up, they were awful!

Stage 2 was to dye the brow, even though I have light hair, darker eyebrows always suit me better. Lisa informs me the colour will lift slightly in a few days so this is something to consider when picking your colour.

Stage 3, HD brows are made up of straight lines, so next she used the wax, which applyed quickly in straight lines to create the perfect shape. I couldn't wait for this part and to get rid of the stray hairs that had being growing for weeks in preperation. :) For an inexperinced HD brow stylist measurements are taken before the waxing to get the perfect shape but Lisa being a pro stylist knew exactly what she was doing!

Stage 4, get rid of all the fine hairs around the brow by threading the area.

Stage 5, tweezering any hairs to finally perfect the shape.

Stage 6, the use of make up was lightly applied to finish off the look, with a pencil to create small hair lines in areas that were needed and the brow palette to create a shadow.


I was so pleased with the end result - although it will take a couple of sessions to improve the shape as I need more hairs to grow in certain places, I will definantly being booking in again in about 4 weeks :)


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