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I wanted to show you my building collection of glitters and highlight some of my favourites and your favourites too.

I have a growing collection of CND Shellac Rockstar colours, otherwise known as Shellac glitters. The foils are also becoming popular as they provide glam, shine and glitz but in a different way.

The glitters are placed on top of any CND Shellac colour and covered with 2 layers of top coat to make it super smooth.

Changing the colour of the Shellac layer underneath can add different tones to your glitter finish. You can see this more with the Capri glitter shown below.


Lecente Winter Wonderland

This is a new limited edition glitter from Lecente. It is a wonderful ruby red glitter with holographic sparkles in.

I have based my sample on Tinted Love Shellac a deep red tone, to give it that extra Christmassy feel.


Antique Gold and Lecente Galaxy

To the left is Antique gold, this is a soft gold colour and is most popular glitter. My sample is placed on Soft White but if placed on Iced Cappuccino it can warm up the gold tone.

To the right is a new glitter from the Stardust collection at Lecente. This is a really fine glitter and is almost a flat glitter that looks more matt, and has a different finish to another glitter I have.


Lecente Capri

This is a beautiful coloured glitter that has a purple/blue tint to it.

This glitter demonstrates really well how glitters can look different with different colour bases.

Left base colour is with Blush Teddy a slightly sheer pink colour, the Capri glitter adds a pearlised look.

Center base colour is lilac longing.

Right base colour is Rapture a blue shade, adding the Capri gives it a lovely sea green/blue look. I absolutley love Capri, it really can be used to create many looks.


Lecente Neptune

Another glitter part of the Stardust range. This is a beautiful neutral glitter, it is soft and elegant. Be sure to have a look at this one on my nail wheel as the photo just doesn't do it justice.


Cocoa Foil

Lastly I wanted to show you one of my foils.

Foils are applied in the same way as glitter and stuck to the tacky layer of a Shellac colour. This is a beautiful chocolate and gold whispy foil based on Night Glimmer.

So when you book in why not check out all my glitter, experiment with different coloured bases and create beautiful sparkly nails.

Sparkles are not just for Christmas!


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